Friday, February 1, 2013

Groundhog's Day Snack Idea

Today, the kids are having a Groundhog's Day party at pre-school. In celebration of both G-Day and Jackson's B-Day, I found such a cute little snack to make when searching for the inspiration for this snack. I found this idea via Holy crap -- this blogger worships the groundhog -- I found so many treat ideas here. I, of course, picked the one that looked the easiest, cheapest and quickest!
Courtesy of'.
I, however, have run out of colored ink on my printer, and am not about to spend money on a colored cartridge in order to print out a groundhog, but I digress. So, I printed a little label that said:

Happy Birthday Jackson! 
Shadow or No Shadow, 
Jackson will celebrate his birthday on 
Ground Hog's Day! 

I was in luck --Oreo's were on sale at the Family Dollar this week. I made the kids bag the cookies -- one shadow cookie, and one no-shadow cookie. Then, I printed my labels, and attached them to the baggies.
If the weather here in Iowa is any indication of the weather in Pennsylvania, it would surprise me if Phil pops his head out to even see his shadow! Brrrrr!!

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