Monday, May 6, 2013

BBQ Chicken Texas Toast

Review by Rachael

Who knew they made BBQ flavored Texas toast?! Not me! When getting the Texas toast I didn’t pay attention to the BBQ on the label & was going to use it for a meal with pasta. Once I actually read the label I changed my mind. So I put these 4 items together & made a meal!

Mozzarella cheese
BBQ Texas toast
Hickory smoked bbq sauce

I had some already cooked chicken in the freezer so I put that in a large casserole with hickory smoked barbeque sauce & a little water so it didn’t burn. I put this in the oven on 350 until warm. 

I then placed 8 pieces of toast on a baking sheet. Layering chicken on each one and then topping with mozzarella cheese. 5 minutes in the broiler and they were good to go. I had no complaints from this meal!! I wanted a little more bbq flavor so I dipped mine in more sauce. Very good and as always with my recipes – easy to make! 

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