Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Bleach t-shirt

Review by Lyndee:

My friend Audra and I had a joint birthday celebration together this weekend.  She contacted me Thursday and asked if I could make t-shirts.  Obviously we didn’t have time to order anything special and I had no idea what to put on them.  When I asked her if she had any ideas she said “you’re the crafty one”.  Well that narrows it down, right?  I needed to be able to make the t-shirts fast, at home and on the cheap. I reached out to a friend who had made some fun ones for Superbowl and consulted Pinterest.  I decided to do bleach spray t-shirts.  With the help of my muse, Melody, I decided on the saying “Vintage 76”, for the year Audra and I were born.

The directions were to place stickers or stencils on the shirt.  MIX bleach and water and then lightly mist over the stickers.  I failed this in two ways in my first attempt.  First, I didn’t mix the bleach with water.  And secondly, I doused it instead of a light mist.  This turned into an ugly white blob of bleach on a t-shirt.  Ugh! 

So after going back and consulting the directions like any smart person would’ve done from the start, I found my mistakes and tried again.  And this time it worked. Next time I might use a lighter colored shirt so that the contrast of bleach isn’t so drastic but once I did it the right way, these were easy to make in a pinch.  

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