Friday, August 24, 2012

1st (Not 6th) Anniversary Gift Idea

Review by Melody:
I am all for home-made gifts, and this one would make for a fabulous first anniversary gift.  Paper is what you're supposed to give on your first anniversary gift, and a map is...duh...PAPER!!  You're supposed to put a pin in the place you met, where you got married and where your home is.  Great idea, right?  My husband loves maps -- he's nerdy like that, and hates GPS because he thinks it's important to be able to read a map, as opposed to someone with an accent telling you where to go.  So, I made this for my husband on our SIXTH anniversary.  His think he would have rathered a gift card from Menard's.  So, my review of this gift is, it's easy, not too expensive, and would be best coming from the guy to the gal in the relationship.  Us girls appreciate these kind of gifts a little more than the guys in our lives. 

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