Friday, August 24, 2012

Top It With A Cushion

Review by Melody:
My search on Pinterest began when I wanted to restore my old piano.  I learned how to play on that piano when I was in second grade.  It is an old stand-up piano in much need of a good tuning.  I thought about painting it, but was afraid of possibly ruining a piano that I would never be able to part with for sentimental purposes.  Ultimately, I decided to delay the restoration project, change the decor on the top of the piano, and opt for a sprucing up of the piano bench by adding a cushion when I found a pin via  I went to Walmart, and found some fabric that would be sturdy and strong enough to stand up to two toddlers.  More importantly, a dark shaded fabric to conveniently absorb any spills from my two little pianists when they're banging out their compositions on the piano.  I bought some roll-out cushioning, cut it to size and then folded the fabric around the cushion I laid on top of the lid of the bench.  I grabbed my husband's staple gun from the garage and...presto change-o -- ta-da!!

It's definitely something that I can easily change the fabric if I'd like someday.  And, it adds some additional charm to a bench that holds so much sentimental character to me already.  You'll notice that the board nailed to the bottom of the bench is an addition by my late grandpa.  When the bench began to get week and wobbly, he stabalized the bench with that.  It has come in handy over the years as more pressure has been applied to the bench as my butt increases in size! 
  The above is the bottom of the lid.  I folded over the fabric to make a clean edge.  Then, I pulled it tight, and stapled it to the bench.

After this, I did a similar project with a chest my aunt handed down to me when I graduated high school.  My dad had originally made it for her in a shop class when he was in high school.  When I graduated, she gave it to me.  I love it, but over the years, it had began to look a tad bit outdated.  By changing out the decorative knobs, and upholstering the bench with a cushion and some bright fabric, the chest really made for a cozy and inviting little nook in our upstairs hallway.  I went with white since it's bright, and the kids wouldn't be sitting or playing around it often.  I bought the fabric at Wal-Mart, and used the extra fabric to make a couple matching pillows, in addition to sewing some additional pillows to contrast the white and pull-in the sage valance.  I love it, and my husband has stopped complaining about it taking up room in our hallway. 
I used the same technique I used with the piano bench --folding over the fabric over some roll-out cushion.  Then, I folded over the ends of the fabric before stapling it down to make a clean hem.  Easy-peasy!!

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