Monday, August 27, 2012

Make up remover

Eye make up remover can be pretty pricey, even the generic stuff!  So we tried a pin for do it yourself this weekend.  The best part of the experiment?  We let a four year old do the make-up application and then tested our concoction to see if it really worked to remover her, um, masterpiece.  This was so easy to and cheap to make!  Generic remover can cost over $5 a bottle and we made this for pennies. 

DIY Eye Make Up Remover:
1 cup water
1 1/2 tablespoons Tear Free Baby Shampoo
1/8 teaspoon Baby Oil.
Directions:  Add all ingredients into a small bowl and stir. Shake before every use.  
The cost was maybe 10 cents for the batch.  Baby oil and baby shampoo are $1 each at the Dollar Tree and the batch we made would last for months and didn’t use hardly any of our supply. Store the liquid in a baby jar, yogurt container or old make up remover bottle. Just shake before using and enjoy! It was less oily than typical ones we have bought in stores so that's a plus too.  

But more importantly, did it work?  Watch our video to see Emma Jean applying makeup to her mommy Melody and whether or not this remover was strong enough to get it back off!!

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