Monday, August 27, 2012

Halter top t-shirt

A fun flirty halter top from a $2 T-shirt bought at Goodwill. Does it sound to good to be true? Lucky for you, it's not! We started with instructions from a pinterest pin at  I had seen my friend Monica (our crafty fairy godmother) do this to a friend’s shirt one night at a bar. No sewing, just a scissor. But could Melody and I pull this off when we have no real crafty skills?  We started by chalking off what we would cut away and then began the video.


This really was very simple.  We made the shirt for $2 and it was less than a 10 minute project.  Throw this on with jeans and some chunky jewelry and you’re set for a fun, comfortable night out with friends.  We are going to try the same thing with some college football t-shirts and wear them for the big interstate rival game on September 8th.  

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