Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Skirt to shirt

By Lyndee:
Anyone that knows me can attest to the fact that I don’t have a lot of fashion sense.  I like looking at what other people wear but when I’m getting ready in the morning, fashion faux pas and rules do not cross my mind. I’m a comfort over cuteness kind of girl. I saw this skirt in goodwill the other day and for some reason I thought, hey, Melody and I can probably make something out of that on our Pinterest Princess Experiment Sunday funday! I paid the $3 and was on my way. 

I could tell by Melody’s face when she saw it, she wasn’t exactly on the same page.  But by the end, she was a fan and the best part?  No sewing!  Just a scissor and a two safety pins.  First we removed the liner so that it was the sheer skirt.  We cut the slit a little higher and tried about 4 different ways to slip it on, around and wrap it.  I put my head through the hole on the top of the skirt and left it over one shoulder.  

We cut a hole in the side of the skirt to put my arm through.  Make sure you have enough room to raise your hand if needed.  We bunched the side that was over the shoulder and fastened it with a Walmart hair clip that was a copper/brown color.  Then we took the two “flaps” where we had enlarged the slit and fastened them beneath the arm pit or the exposed shoulder.  Walla! We had a fun new shirt I could wear out with jeans.  Add some funky turquoise jewelry and I am ready to hit the town! Of course, I will do my hair and makeup before I head out and about.  No worries.  

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