Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Diaper Tricycle -- Diaper Cakes are so Five Years Ago

By Melody

When my sister was having her first child, I had so much fun helping her sister-in-law plan her baby shower.  Sweet SIL allowed me to take on the task of providing some decorations.  And, so my search on Pinterst began.  And, among all the diaper cakes, I came upon a photo on Pinterest (with a bad link -- I hate it when someone posts a bad url or to amazon or something...grrrr).

Luckily, I found the perfect tutorial for the diaper bike via  And for the diaper tricycle, I was able to find a great tutorial via

The tutorials by both bloggers are great.  However, be warned that it does take a little time and a little patience.  When you're finished you may need to do a few tucks here and there, and hide some safety pins to hold things in place.  But, overall, they were pretty simple and ended up being one of the most talked about gifts/centerpieces at the shower, and they doubled as decorations.

This project could be expensive, but you can also find a lot (if not all) of the items at Dollar General, and I was able to purchase everything there....from the diapers to the bibs, burp clothes, and blankets to the teddy bear topper.  Gotta love those wonderful dollar stores!

My sister loved it so much, that it still sets in my little nephews bedroom decorating his room.  I would definitely recommend this for any baby shower.  You can easily incorporate themes when decorating these bikes, and you can throw in a couple mini diaper cakes for you old-fashioned types out there. 
Here is a picture of my diaper two-wheeler -- I had so much fun with this project!!

And, here is the only photo I could find of the diaper tricycle...

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