Thursday, September 13, 2012

Breakfast Casserole #2

Review by Rachael:

1 Package of Frozen Hash Browns
1 Pound of Cooked Sausage
2 Cups of Colby Jack Cheese, shredded
1 Cup of Diced Peppers (green, red, yellow and/or orange)
1 Cup of Sliced Mushrooms
1 Can of Diced Chilis (optional)
1 Quart of EggBeaters (can also use 16 eggs)

1. Spray the slow cooker with Pam.
2. Starting with the frozen hash browns, layer the ingredients, repeating twice.
3. Shake the EggBeaters well and pour over the top.
4. Cook on LOW for 8 hours on HIGH for 3-4 hours

This sounded easy enough and like a great way to have a hot breakfast without all the fuss in the morning. After looking at the ingredients list I realized that I had to change this recipe a lot to make it work for our family. I hate sausage, so I decided ham would work just as well. My husband hates peppers so those were out, the kids don’t like mushrooms or chilies…so that left me with hash browns, ham, cheese & eggs.
I layered the ingredients in the Crockpot, using cheddar cheese instead since I had that on hand. I chose to use 16 eggs since I also had those. I whipped them up and added salt & pepper before pouring them over the top.
I turned the Crockpot on low for 8 hours. I woke up during the night because all I could smell was cooking egg, not really a fan of that. I had figured out what time we normally get up to make sure it would cook for 8 hours, turns out I hit my snooze button this morning and may have cooked the bake a little too long. It’s not bad just a little dry. There was no flavor to this at all, could be because I ended up with my own recipe instead of following theirs. I can see how the peppers would help the flavor a lot. Next time I think I would add onion, salt & pepper to give it a little more flavor. The texture was a little off as well. I didn’t mind it as much as my husband but he was right; it was a big helping of mush. I would make it again with a little more tweaking but not something we would make on a regular basis. It looked better before I stirred it all together. 

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