Friday, September 14, 2012

Where's the Fridge?

Do you have trouble finding your fridge sometimes because it's covered with so many little masterpieces created by your young little artists?  Online, I have seen people so so many cute little things to hang on walls that display their little one's works adorned with a cheerful, "Look What I Made" moniker.  However, I have a small home, not a lot of wall space, and the fridge in my house just seems to have a natural gravitational pull for all things photographic or artistic.  So, there are times when one strong, determined magnet is attempting to hold up about five art projects.  And, one day when you're swinging that freezer door open to find a quick frozen pizza to pop in before ball practice, said magnet says, "I've had enough of this thankless job!" and allows everything to come swooshing to the floor.

So, here's what I did, and now I have no problems locating my fridge, and the kids still have a place to proudly display their artwork in a more organized...and secure...manner.
  1. Get some ribbon or string.
  2. Get some of those hangy thingies that stick to the wall.  Or, you can get a wreath magnet (found at Hobby Lobby) strong enough to hold alot of weight.  
  3. Afix your ribbon/string to the hangy things or magnet, and double knot them.
  4. Use clothes pins to hang the artwork, awards or whatever else you'd like to show off.
My fridge seems a little less crazy, the artwork seems to appear a little more organized, and my magnets are no longer pushed to extremes.  All is well!

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