Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Drab to fab drinks!

Review by Lyndee
Have you ever been to a gathering where you set down your glass and couldn’t find it again?  Or does your family do like ours and use a sharpie to write on a red solo cup? This weekend we took the sophistication up a notch, at least in our head.  I used chalkboard paint to spruce up some wine glasses and a mason jar.  This way, at a party, you can write your name in chalk and know which glass is yours.  An experiment with glasses would not be complete unless you had a little something to add to it, right?  So I made the chalkboard glasses and a fun drink we will call the Blue Bomber.  Both were super easy, inexpensive and turned out rather well.  Check out the video of myself making the glasses.  

There is also one of Rachael making two glasses and actually following the directions on the spray paint can.  Silly, Sissy. I like to just wing it.  

But I think I have to concede that hers turned out just a tad smoother than mine.  I wasn’t able to locate chalkboard paint in a jar so we went with the spray point variety from Walmart.  It was $4.  I used to glasses I had from home and two that I bought at the local thrift store for 50 cents each. This was a pretty cheap project that turned out awesome.  I will definitely use these glasses at future parties.  The only caveat we found, if you are drinking a cold drink or one with ice, it will condensate and eventually start to smear off your chalk.  If you were drinking a wine or drink without ice you should be fine.  I was also using chalk from 1986 we found in my mom’s basement so that could’ve played a role too. 
Glasses pre-party

Painted, chalked and ready to roll
For the Blue Bomber I mixed ice, blue Hawaiian punch, lemonade and vodka.  You could use a flavored vodka or UV or whatever trips your trigger.  I went with plain and cheap.  The juice was $2.50, lemonade was $1 and the classy five o'clock vodka was $14.99 but I hardly put a dent in the bottle.  The concoction was good but I felt it needed a little something extra so I added half a can of sprite to the mixture.  That added something fun.  This is a fruity and summery drink that tastes great.  Careful of how much you consume, of course, as a drink that tastes like kool-aid can sneak up on you quickly.  

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