Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Egg Carton Bats

Review by Rachael:

I can’t believe how fast Halloween is coming and we have no decorations out! I think this is so cute and easy for the kids to do!  

My main focus was on the egg carton bats since we have tons of cartons laying around for crafting projects. You will need the carton with 3 side by side, not a regular dozen. 

Depending on the age of your children you will want to do the cutting of the egg carton. I found it tricky to make the cuts without little rips and tears of the carton. Once you have the 3 piece section cut out you will want to trim the edges a little bit to give them a “bat” look. 

So far mine look nothing like the picture online!
The next step in the process is to paint them all black and then put eyes on them. We could have done it this way but that’s not that fun or creative to me! Instead we decided we would decorate them anyway we wanted. They could be scary, pretty, funny, etc. We got out our craft bag full of markers, stickers & stamps. 

They had fun for a little while & then were done with it. It was hard to cover all of the carton area since it’s so “bumpy”. Jake, my 5 year old, couldn’t get over the fact that his wasn’t exactly like a bat. Memphis had fun with color & made some awesome bats. This didn't work like I thought it might & next time I guess I would just paint them black and add the eyes. Just seems a little boring that way. Who knows maybe that will be our next project – covering up the ones we already did!! 

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  1. Couldn't you use a regular dozen egg carton and cut them lengthwise instead of across?