Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Spanish rice with some farm girl flavor

Review by Lyndee
I have found a few recipes for Spanish rice online, none of which have tripped my trigger.  They taste just like restaurant rice to me, which is blah and dry.  Here is a recipe for our family’s Spanish rice.  I guess it’s a true Iowa farm family recipe because well, we just had to add bacon.  And everyone knows, you can never go wrong with bacon.  My mom has always used white rice that you have to boil and not mess up.  I used the easy bags of brown rice that are pretty much idiot proof and make my lazy inner cook very happy.  Plus, in my head, brown rice is healthier than white. This entire meal costs about $8, is delicious and makes a hefty pot. 

Just four ingredients
I used three bags of the rice.  While that was boiling I cut a pound of bacon with a kitchen shears and added a small onion while frying.  

Once the rice is done, drain the water and add a quart of diced tomatoes.  I used some from Grandma’s garden but you can use a large can of store bought too. Let that simmer while the bacon finishes.  Drain the bacon and add to the pot.  Give this a few minutes to blend together and get the tomatoes heated through.  Salt and pepper to taste, dish it up and devour!  It’s super easy, tastes great and made enough that my husband had seconds and I still had leftovers to eat for lunch.   

Super tasty!

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