Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Grandparents...Spoiler Alert!!

Review by Melody:
If you are a grandparent of either of my children...stop reading now, or be prepared to enjoy your gift from the kiddos prior to Sunday....Happy Grandparent's Day!!! 

The kids and I have been working diligently on creating some fun projects for those special gray-haired, or no-haired, individuals in our lives!  In all seriousness, what would we do without you guys...I mean REALLY...what would we do without you to be there when we need a little break from those precious, lovely, perfect little angels?!?! 

This Sunday is the perfect opportunity to show our appreciation for those grandmas and grandpas out there.  What better than a hand-made gift from those little ones who they believe to be the most perfect, cutest, best children in the world -- their grandchildren!

Grandparents are easy -- they love those little handmade gifts from the kiddos just as much as mom and dad do, and they treasure them just the same!  After returning after a long weekend, Wee Ball practices, and church Midweek; the kids have finally produced some fine inventory.  First, our #1 Grandma awards, a first place ribbon personally made for the honored recipients. 

And next, the "I Love You...THIS MUCH (or "MUSH")" craft. 
These are simple projects, but you have to have patience, especially with younger kids.  For the perfectionist in me, I have to constantly tell myself that the gift is made even more special when it doesn't appear as if your toddler consulted their inner Martha Stuart when they created the craft.  I used some colorful scrapbook paper, and some pictures from the local store ads to help the kids.
Now I have to be honest with you moms of toddlers (I'll call us "MOTs"), these projects always start out very fun for the three of us.  However, towards the end, my voice is getting a little louder, patience is growing a little thin, and the kids seem to be determined to see who can make me combust first.  SO, make sure to space these crafts out a few nights.  They don't take a lot of time, but MOTs know that we have a short window of time to keep our kids interested in a specific activity.  You want to take your time and make this an event that is fun, not a chore, and ultimately made out of love. 

It's always good for MOTs to be reminded that these days are few, and we're gonna miss them!

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