Tuesday, September 11, 2012

It's Fall Ya'll (well...almost) -- Lentil Layering!

By Melody
It is almost time for my favorite season of the year -- Fall begins September 23rd!  The colors of this season are my favorite.  This year I'm starting Fall decorating a little early.  Mr. Bean would be so very proud of me!  If you wanna add a little splash of Fall to your home, and have a small budget, here's what you need to do....
  1. Find some glass containers -- vases, glasses, bowls, or candy dishes...
  2. Go to your local grocer's soup aisle, and purchase some dried beans, lentils, peas -- you'll find a vast variety of fall colors.  You'll spend no more than $2 a bag.  (Much cheaper than that vase filler you find at the stores, and just as pretty!)
  3. Layer your lentils to display the pretty fall colors. 

4. To add a little pizzazz, you can add some fall faux flowers, or in my case, I added a Glade candle (a nice vanilla/pumpkin scent -- perfect!) to my pumpkin candy dish.  I just pressed it down into the mixture.  The layers remained, and I just made sure to press the candle down slowly in order to keep the layers properly arranged.  

The candle adds such a nice warm ambiance -- 
just the cozy vibe you want at Fall!

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