Monday, September 17, 2012

Tis The Season…for leaves that is!

Review by Rachael:

I love this time of year!! The weather is starting to get cooler, leaves are changing colors and starting to fall, football season is upon us and it’s time for those yummy cold-weather comfort foods.  Fall is also a wonderful time to let the kids play and use their imaginations! I know, I know, it would be much easier to just rake all the leaves up and compost them. But why not have some fun first!! It’s funny how eager the kids were to rake leaves when they knew they could play with them. They even borrowed a rake from the neighbor so they could each have one!  They ran out of leaves in the front yard so they started hauling leaves from the back yard! 

The kids decided they wanted a leaf house they could play in… it’s kind of hard to see in the picture but they had walls and even an opening for a door so they could get in & out.

It made me smile to watch them with this “project”. I had no influence on this, they came up with this on their own and it was good to see them outside, enjoying the nice weather and using their imagination!  When it comes to fun, kid friendly things to do in the fall – the sky’s the limit! 

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