Friday, September 14, 2012

Spray Paint is My New BFF!!

Do you know Dollar General sells spray paint?  Well, it does, and the paint is just as good as those found at Lowe's or Menard's, and less expensive to boot!  Well, after the new light fixture in the dining room, I noticed that the two lamps that I had adjacent the piano seemed to contrast the chrome of the light fixture too  drastically in my eye.  I talked to the hubby about getting new lamps, but the thought of spending money on replacing something that still works pretty darn good, was not something we could bear.  So, I decided to by a metallic silver spray paint, and paint the bases of the lamp so that they would match the light fixture.  These lamps have been with me ever since moving into my first apartment after college.  So, they have a little sentimental value and I don't want to just kick them to the curb! 


The end product turned out great!  So easy, so recommended, and so much cheaper than opting for new lamps.

Before spray painting, I also cleaned these lamps with vinegar.  That vinegar is one of the best cleaning products I have under the sink!  I still love Magic Eraser the most, but vinegar is a close second!

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