Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall vase centerpiece

Review by Rachael:
While leaving work on Friday I was observing all the long blades of grass by the fence line and the various weeds growing by the water way and I got an idea for the kids.

I picked up the kids & brought them back with me to decide which items they wanted to use for a fall vase centerpiece. They thought I was weird at first telling them my idea, but they were game for trying it out. Once we started looking at all the different weeds/grass we had to work with they got more excited!

Here is all you will need… a vase (size depending on the room you have in your house) and a little bit of nature (weeds, grass, rocks, etc)
We decided it would be cool to put leaves as filler in the vase. As we started putting whole leaves in one accidentally got crushed up…which looked even better! The kids started grabbing leaves from the ground around them and crushing them up.

Once we had enough leaves crushed we moved on to the taller items. The perfect thing about this project is that they were able to put the sticks/grass in how ever they wanted and it was going to look great. They could be as creative as they wanted and they loved it.
This is good for most age groups, they can be creative, use their hands and it can take as little or long as they want.

Here is our final project! I was so proud of them – it looks awesome!!

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