Monday, September 17, 2012

Super cheap wood signs

I wanted to create something fun for the living room that was colorful, sweet and cheap. I believe I accomplished all of the above with this piece. I took some scrap wood, spray painted it red and added a decal.  The wood was free, the decal cost 97 cents at Wal-mart and the spray paint was $1.57.  You could do a more neutral color, depending on your d├ęcor.  My living room is beige with white furniture and hardwood floors so I went with the red so that it would pop.  You wouldn’t want to do too dark of a paint or the decal won’t show up very well.  This could’ve been a little lighter but I think it still works.  And again, not bad for a project under $3 that took about 20 minutes, including time for paint to dry.  This was very easy and I think it will be a great compliment to our living room.  

The other project on wood didn’t turn out as well.  I took a board and painted it blue.  Once that dried I added stickers to spell out dream, love, believe.  I painted over that with white paint.  In my head the white paint wouldn’t run and the stickers would peel off perfectly.  This was not the case in reality.  First I tried taking off the stickers when the white paint was still a little wet.  That was a total debacle.  Then I waited until it dried and tried to take them off but they were a bit stuck to the board at this point.  This would work okay on a mantle or in a child’s room.  I’m saying childs room because people might think a child made it.  Next time I may try to stencil the words or use a decal instead.  It didn’t come out as wonderful as I thought it would, but for under $2 it’s not a bad piece.  

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