Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Coolest coasters

Review by Lyndee:

At Testing Trendy 1, 2, 3 our theory is, you can never have too many coasters, especially ones that are personalized and made with love.  We had found a few boxes of bathroom tiles that were a perfect 4x4 size in the garage and they were begging to have a face lift.  

I decided to make two sets.  The first one I used some pictures from Rachael’s wedding, stickers and scrapbook paper. Arrange on the tiles as desired, fasten with some ticky tack glue and mod podge away.  It’s that easy.  

I had so much fun doing it that I had to make another set out of some vintage looking scrapbook paper.  We’re calling these the “prague” coasters.  

Word of advice, if you are going to do pictures, print them on a card stock as normal printer paper is a bit thin and may bubble up a little bit.  Also, using sharpie to draw on these tiles (the surface was super smooth) leads to smearing when you mod podge, no matter how dry you think it is.  Next time I will try roughing them up a bit with some sand paper or sharpie them the day before to ensure they are dry.  Regardless, I think they turned out pretty cool and I am looking forward to making some more of these in the future.  It’s such a quick and easy gift. Next I’m thinking some team coasters (Go Hawkeyes!) or Melody’s idea of newspaper clippings.  

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