Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Canvas Art

Review by Lyndee:
Canvas art.  They make it sound so easy online.  

Just mod podge some newspaper, put on stickers, paint over, peel off the stickers and waalah, it’s art.  Er, or not.  There are a few things they neglect to tell you, or that I didn’t carefully enough.  That’s always a possibility too. First of all, make sure the newspaper mod podge is dry before you move to the next step. I slapped on some mod podge and minutes later I threw on some paint and peel stencil stickers.  I painted over them and went to peel them off, as it says to do this before the paint dries.  So when I went to remove said stickers, it pulled up the newspaper and left me with chunky canvas goo.  Ugh!  I’m pretty sure it used about half of my 20 times that I could reapply said stickers.  This was the main feature of my canvas but I wasn’t about to stop here.  I repainted over the debacle in white.  I still had the two side bars I had wanted to do words on.  I made sure the newspaper mod podge was dry then tried the stickers again. It worked much smoother this time.  But now I had a cool canvas with almost a border and nothing in the center.  Seeing how our wedding anniversary is fast approaching, I took a picture from our day and mod podged it on.  Hooray!  Project saved, I thought.  A bit later my impatient self ran my fingers along the left side.  Yep, dry.  Then the right side.  Crap, not dry! And the letters smeared down.  At this point I knew it was best to set that one aside and not mess it up any worse.

I took the smaller canvas that I had mod podged a page of a book too. I decided to add my sticker letters and sponge paint it with a bright yellow.  This turned out pretty neat, up close.  From far away it was hard to read what it said because of the yellow on white.  

So last night I added some shading with a fine tip sharpie and two small flowers.  It’s no Rembrandt but I think it will be cute in the office or Maia’s room.  

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