Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Upcycling farming discs

Review by Lyndee:
Want an easy, cheap and unique candle holder or centerpiece?  We used an old disc that was sitting in the shed on my uncle’s farm. Clean it up as best you can.  If it’s rusty, sand it down.  Spray paint with your choice of color. I went with a neutral copper paint but you could get bold and daring with any color you wanted.  Set a pillar candle in the middle and then surround it with rocks, beads or greenery.  Mine had more rocks but apparently the children like to play with them as well.  You can change out the color of the candle to add a splash to any room or to match a holiday theme. If you don't have access to farm equipment, use an oversized plate, platter or whatever you have.  It doesn't have to be a circle.  You could do a square and then a chunky square candle too.  Or mix and match your shapes.  The possibilities are endless.  Get crazy. 

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