Thursday, April 4, 2013

Yarn Balls

The week before Easter, the kids and I tried to make those yarn balls that I've been seeing on Pinterest.  For example, check out  She does an amazing job, with a just as amazing tutorial.

My attempt was to make Yarn Ball Easter Eggs by blowing balloons up really big and then the yarns ball would come out looking more oval-shaped (i.e. Easter Egg shaped).

I started out by gathering the necessary materials: balloons, Modge Podge (instead of Elmer's glue and water mixture) and yarn.
In addition to dipping the yarn in the modge podge before stringing it on the balloon, the kids and I painted modge podge onto the balloon (that may have been our first mistake).  Also, I'm thinking this project works better with smaller (less-inflated) balloons (perhaps our second mistake).  
Then, we wrapped our yarn all around the balloon.  I would suggest putting more glue on the actual yarn than the balloon.
Then, we let our balloons dry overnight.  I also sprayed each balloon very well with Modge Podge spray.
The next morning we were excited to pop our balloons and see our yarn easter eggs.

We popped the first egg, and....
All of the yarn remained sticking to the balloon during the deflation process (okay, that's what we called the process -- I don't think deflation is a word, but it sounds good).  Anyways...

We attempted to remove the balloon and restore the egg...
But, the best we could make out of this project failure was a poor attempt at a colorful hat for Jack.
I don't know if we'll try this project again.  I wasted a lot of yarn with this project.  If I did the project again, I would definitely NOT coat the balloon with modge podge, and I would only blow up the balloons smaller.  I do not want to have this same end result...
Please share any tips you may have for this project.  If I knew what I did wrong or how to do it correctly, I would try it again.  

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  1. Try covering the balloon in Vaseline first, and then glue only the string =] Also, I let mine sit for a few days for them to thoroughly dry.