Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Cookies -- Keep It Simple Sweetheart!

I wouldn't say I hate to bake, I rather like baking and the sweet reward that comes with doing it!  However, as a mom to a three and a four year old, it's hard to keep them interested, let alone clean, with a big project like making Christmas cookies.  So, I have some tips for making this a wonderful experience for your family that ends with happy kids and mom, as opposed to mom ripping out her hair and two kids sitting in timeout.

First, and most importantly, do not mess with making up the cookie dough yourself.  It takes too much time, it's more of a mess than you need to deal with (dishes, flour everywhere and on everyone, etc.).  Instead, buy the dough from your local grocery store's dairy shelf.  Pillsbury has a nice affordable sugar cookie dough tube, and that's what I use.  I've also seen some cookies that are already cut-out for you and all you have to do is bake and decorate.
Since the kids are into cutting out the cookies, I bought the dough, and then rolled it out, and had the kids cut out the shapes.
We put those cookies in the oven and baked per the package instructions.
When the cookies were cool, it was time to decorate.  Again, keep it simple, especially when dealing with the younger kids.  Instead of creating frosting in all different colors -- just do white.  I repeat, just do white.  Your cookies will come out looking nice and clean, and not a brown color due to mixing of colors by your little artistic helpers.  The decorating part comes with sprinkles.  Purchase a few different kinds and colors, and the kids will have just as much fun with those sprinkles as they would different colors of frosting.  This is easier for you, too.
Keep it simple, sweetheart!  This time of year is to enjoy and spend time having fun with the ones you love.  Don't find yourself stressed out with a messy kitchen.

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