Monday, December 17, 2012

It's A Bird, It's A Plane, It's....My Kid!!!

Okay, this took some time, but I finally finished and now have to report that I am the mother of two little super heros, Bat Man Jack and Super Princess Emma!  In the search for the perfect Christmas gift for my nieces and nephews this year, I decided to make for them super hero capes with matching masks (crowns for the girls).  Here my two little super heros model their finished costumes:
To do this project, I googled and googled until I found a pattern that would work for me.  That means, not too difficult, but cute and durable.  I found the best tutorial at  She does a great job explaining the pattern, and the collar uses velcro to fasten instead of tieing a string (which I think is a bit safer).  

Once the cape was sewn, I needed to find an emblem for the back.  I made these out of felt.  I googled the batman emblem, and just "eye-balled" it when cutting and designing Batman's logo.  For Emma's, I free-handed the lightning bolt and her first initial.  I sewed the initial on top of the bolt before sewing it onto the cape.  I used my sewing machine to sew onto the cape by outlining the emblem.

Lastly, it was time for the masks and crowns.  I made these out of matching felt as well (to match the emblem).  I found great templates for these via   I just printed the templates that they had on their site and traced them onto my felt (  When creating the masks, I doubled them up with two pieces of felt to make them more durable.  I used elastic to wrap around the head, and affixed the elastic my sewing it.  I sewed around the border of the mask/crown, and then sewed around the eye-holes.  Then, I just trimmed it up to make it look nice, and I was ready to make my kids super-heros. 

They loved them more than I thought they would!  I can't wait to give them as gifts.  I would love to make more of these -- so much fun -- I just have to find some future superheros to make them for.

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  1. So cute! Thank you for linking to HowDoesShe. We are honored. They turned out so darn cute! :)