Saturday, December 22, 2012

Thanks for Helping me Bloom!

The kids go to a great childcare facility, and their teachers love them and care for them just like I would like someone to when I'm not at work.  But, there's lots of them, six exactly, that really take part in the kids' days, not just one.  At Christmastime, I'd love to get them a little something to say thank-you without breaking the bank too much.  So, I decided to go DIY.  So, I made a glass ornament filled with wildflower seeds. 

Here's what you'll need:
  • Some seeds (I used a box of wildflower seeds that comes in a box.)
  • Glass ornaments.
  • Whatever else you'd like to decorate the bulb (tags, ribbon, etc.)


first, I funnelled seeds into the glass bulb.  Then, I created a cute little tag on the bulb that read, "Thanks for helping me bloom this year!"  And, then signed the kids' names on each tag.  On the back of the tag, I wrote a personal note to each teacher and told them they can spread the seeds wherever they'd like to add a little cheer come this Spring!

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