Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Deviled Egg Spread

Review by Lyndee:

1 dozen large eggs, hard boiled
2 tablespoons white vinegar (I didn’t use this)
1 cup mayonnaise
1 tablespoon yellow mustard
Salt & pepper
Paprika for dusting

Shell the eggs and halve them lengthwise. Coarsely chop half the egg whites and transfer them to a large bowl. Add the remaining white and all of the yolks to a food processor along with the mayo and mustard. Process until smooth. Scrape the mixture into a bowl and blend with the chopped egg whites. Season with salt and pepper. Can be made ahead and refrigerated overnight.

Ok, this was a near disaster and felt aptly named since it included the word devil.  I decided to kill two chickens with one stone and try doing my hard boiled eggs in the oven. I’ve seen this suggested numerous times on Pinterest and from other folks.  They say it’s the easiest way to make a hard boiled egg and that they peel much easier if you put them in a muffin tin and bake for 25-30 minutes.  I’m here to tell you that is a myth.  At least it was for me anyway.  When the buzzer went off and I took the eggs out I found that one had broken.  I felt like the eggs were a little hard or rubbery when I was chopping them up.  They did not peel at ALL!! It took me a good 15 minutes to chisel off the little bitty pieces of shell.  I wanted to chuck them against the wall but I’m not one to waste anything so I kept peeling while cursing under my breath. 

I don’t have a normal size food chopper and my mini one couldn’t do the job so I used my hand held mixer to blend this.  My black sweater looked like a hawkeye speckled yellow masterpiece by the time I was done.  I had stopped at the store specifically to get white vinegar because it’s listed in the ingredients.  And then when it came time to make these bad boys, there’s no vinegar in the directions. So I hopped online to see what I had missed by checking some other similar recipes.  There they suggest putting vinegar in the water to boil your eggs faster.  Ok, so I bought vinegar I didn’t need.  Stellar. 

Anyway, once I finally got the dang things peeled and chopped and mixed it was quite a process.  Next time I would boil my eggs like a normal person, probably still not use the vinegar and go about my merry way.  The dip is good in that it actually tastes like a yummy deviled egg.  I’m serving mine with club crackers.   

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