Friday, March 15, 2013

Custom Crayons -- Learn From My Mistake!

First off, sometimes I need to remind myself that I must always follow the directions.  Sometimes when I think I have my "Mad Scientist" hat on, things can go south really quick!  Like last night...

I've seen pinterest projects about people melting crayons and making pretty pictures, etc.  I have tons of broken crayons in the house, and I thought I'd purchase a candy mold and melt some crayons in the microwave and create new custom-shaped crayons for the kids to use.

We removed the paper from our broken crayons and placed them in our candy molds.
It all looks pretty cool, right?  WRONG!  Do not melt the crayons directly in the candy melt .

FIRST, melt the crayons in a 

microwaveable safe dish, 

THEN pour the melted crayon wax into the molds.

Do not do what I did, and melt the crayons in the mold all together in the microwave, or you will get this result...
I not only melted the crayons, but I also melted the candy mold -- FAIL!!

After the wax dried, here is what I had.  Jackson was like, "what the heck, mom -- this doesn't look like a butterfly, frog or a dang lady bug!!!"  Whatever Jackson, if you look at the "crayon" in the right of the picture, you can TOTALLY make out what looks like the butterfly's wing.  Okay...Okay...never mind...

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