Friday, March 8, 2013

Personalized Wall Art -- Thinking Outside the Box

Remember a few months back when Lyndee showed us how to transfer a photo onto a block of wood (  Well, I have needed to change some of the decor in our dining room.  And, I've wanted to add some personal touches.  In my dining room sits the old, upright piano I learned to play piano back when I was in the elementary school.  I love playing piano, and our family loves biking, so I decided to use bikes and pianos as my inspiration.

First, I decided I'd frame the first sheet of music to a piece, perfectly named, "The Bike Ride".  And, I'd also frame the sheet music to "Glory of Love" -- a song sang at our wedding, and danced to by our wedding party during the Grand March.

Since sheet music is a pretty bland decor element, I decided to "spruce" up the white matte that surrounded each page of sheet music.  My inspiration came from Lyndee's photo block project.  I used the same concept she used to transfer photos onto the matte.

For, "The Bike Ride" piece, I used photos of us biking and rides that my husband has done with his biking team, "Purple Jam".
For the "Glory of Love" piece, I chose to use pictures of our wedding party as they danced to the song at our wedding dance. 
At the bottom of the sheet music, I wrote a little "blurb" of family history.  To make the wall art even more interesting and personal.  
Some other things to consider when doing this project:
  • I used black-and-white photos.  I printed them on normal printer paper from my computer.  
  • I used modge-podge.  In Lyndee's project, she uses a crafting gel.  The modge-podge seemed to work just fine.  I only let the picture set for an hour before I began to rub the paper away using my finger and a wet rag.  
  • The matte seemed to rub away as well with the moisture of the rag, but it wasn't too noticeable, and it added to the look of the matte -- kind of "antique-y".  
  • I also used this you tube video for an actual tutorial on the process, which I found very helpful!

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