Thursday, November 1, 2012

Rachael's Grocery challenge results

By Rachael:

And the results are….

As you may recall I gave myself a food challenge in October; to spend $200 or less in groceries for a family of four (six people every other weekend). The results are not great, I didn’t hit my goal. Boo!!!

Final Grocery Tally: $219

Darn milk & bread… I found out how much we really consume of these two items! It’s insane!! We go through three gallons or milk per week! That’s over $10 per week in just milk! After my “big” stock up shopping I was only left with $25/week for the rest of the month. You take out just the milk and $15 isn’t much to work with.

As for bread products…we usually go through one loaf a week plus 2 packs of buns. The only reason for this is that Jason is in the field right now & sandwiches are the easiest thing for him to eat while driving. And he refuses to eat a sandwich on bread. Not sure why, but it must be a bun! It is the same price to buy a whole loaf as it is to buy one pack of buns. So we were spending over $5/week on bread! Leaving me with only $10/week for everything else.
It took a lot of planning ahead to make this work but we did it! And we still have food in the cupboards and freezer. We still have chicken and pork roast in the freezer that I made up during a big cooking day that is ready to be thawed and made in to dinner for November.

I guess overall it wasn’t a complete fail.

$219 on groceries
Divided out by 31 days = $7.0645/ day on groceries
Divided out by 4 people in the house = $1.766 per person per day
Divided out by 3 meals = $0.5887 per meal

I know I could be cheaper than this but I don’t want to deprive my family of the things they like either. I am pretty happy with the end results and will continue to watch our spending. Our normal monthly food budget is $300 so if I can keep it below that in the future, I will be happy! 

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