Monday, November 26, 2012

Smoked Turkey

Review by Lyndee:

Knowing we were going to have a traditional turkey at other gatherings and the fact that my husband loves his smoker like a child, we decided that our turkey on Thursday would be smoked.  We researched some rubs online, mixed these together and got to work.  

We cleaned the turkey and then I had to get the rub between the meat and the skin.  If you put the rub on the skin it doesn’t smoke into the meat the same way so away I went, grossing out the kids along the way as my hand slide beneath the skin.  It tore in a few places so we used toothpicks to “sew” it back together again and help keep in the moisture.  

Online directions said to smoke half an hour per pound or until it hit 150 degrees internal temperature.  We had a 12 pound turkey so we thought it would take 5-6 hours.  Rob kept the charcoal and hickory chips fresh over the next few hours.  We also put a pan of water below the turkey for extra moisture. 

The turkey was done in about 4 hours (after cooking at around 200 degrees).  We attempted to carve said turkey and that was pretty entertaining.  I guess that is a skill that neither of us have mastered.  

But the good news is, the turkey was perfect! The smoky flavor was tongue tingling and it stayed super moist! I’m not a huge fan of turkey, especially white meat because it seems to dry and I have to eat it with ketchup but this was great!  We have a ton leftover for lunches this week too.  Smoked turkey, corn, mashed potatoes and rolls made a perfect Thanksgiving meal for the five of us.  

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