Thursday, January 31, 2013

Does Your Tired Dolly Need A Bed???

This Christmas, Emma asked for a doll bed.  No, not just any old doll bed, she was quite specific.  It had to be big enough to fit her biggest baby -- a big girl we call "Bubba".  She wanted it to be purple, with a purple pillow and blanket, with necklaces hanging from it.  What???  How the hell am I gonna find something like that at Target.  Good thing Santa's star elf of the year (i.e. Melody) has the skills and workmanship to whip up such a creation.  

Remember the dollhouse made out of drawers?  Well, I had another drawer of that size left, and that became the bulk of my doll bed.  
So, how did I go from this.....
to THIS??????
  1. First, I needed two garden stakes (see bed posts), I attached them to the front of the drawer with a screwgun.  I first sawed off the point part that you put in the ground so that it was square.  
  2. I took the old knob from two of the drawers, and attached it on top of each bedpost with wood glue. 
3. I took an old cupboard door, and upholstered it with some foam lining to create a cushion, and covered it with one of Emma's old baby blankets to make the mattress.

4. I attached the mattress with a hinge so that it could open and close for extra storage (i.e. doll clothes and accessories).  
5. Then, I painted the doll bed purple (as requested).

6. Once dry, I attached some cheap necklaces that I bought from WalMart (as requested), and I sewed a purple pillow (beginner sewers can definitely do this), and blanket to match.  All found from old scraps of fabric I had laying around.  

In the end, we had a nice bed for Emma's dollies to sleep.  Emma finds it so comfortable that, even she, can be found perched on top of the doll bed!  Here's a picture of Baby Snow getting ready for her nap.  And, just so you know, Baby Bubba fits this bed perfectly, too, and now sleeps very comfortably.

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