Friday, January 18, 2013

Picture on wood

Review by Lyndee:

Transferring a picture onto wood.  It sounded easy enough and the pictures I saw of it looked cool so I figured I would give it a try. 

You need:
A piece of wood
Picture printed on normal paper
Gel medium or mod podge (I used gel medium which is available at Michaels or Hobby Lobby)

Cover your board in gel medium.  Lay your picture face down on the board.  Smooth out any bubbles and make sure it is going to stick where you want it to.  I put another piece of wood on top of mine to make sure it was pressed on.  Let it dry overnight.  Once dry, wet the picture down with a rag and use your hands to remove the paper.  Your picture will be transferred to the board.  I suggest using a rag because I used a damn paper towel and bits of it came off.  Also, don’t use your fingernail. I accidently did and made a divot in my picture.  *sad face.  Also remember, your picture will come out backwards or as a mirror image of the original.  

This was easy, super cheap and turns out looking pretty awesome, minus my divot of course.  I already have some ideas for other pictures I would like to transfer.  Have a fabulous Friday and craft on, my friends.    

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