Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Old Drawers to Dream Dollhouse

After a recent remodel in our house, we had no use for some drawers that once were inset into the wall.  So, they've been sitting out in our pole shed for some time just waiting for me to think up something interesting to do with them.  This past Christmas my daughter was asking for a Lalaloopsy House (the recent little girl craze).  Instead of spending the money at the retail store, I decided to pick up just a few items from the Menard's store and put the old drawers to use!  I used a smaller sized drawer about 2.5'x1' in size.  I used two drawers of this size.
First, I scoured the internet for inspiration to construct the "Lalaloopsy House", and here is where I found it:  Here is a picture of this blogger's creation -- so super cute!  
I was super excited to get started, and here's the steps I took to make my own variation of the drawer dollhouse...
  1. Remove the track from each side of the drawer.
  2. Remove the knob.  
  3. With a jigsaw (see hubby's tool shed), I removed one inch from the top face board of the drawer so that it was flush with the drawer.  Unlike the inspiring picture, I wanted my dollhouse to open up (like a book), so I needed to make the two drawers flush when lined up together. 
  4. With a power sander, I sanded and then wiped clean each drawer to prep for painting.
  5. I painted one drawer pink, and the other purple.  The face of the drawers I painted blue.  
  6. Once dry, I placed two hinges on the back of the house so that it would open and close.
  7. On the front I placed a clasp to hold the house closed for ease in moving and keeping everything stored.  
  8. Then, the fun began...I used my handy dandy cricut to cut out windows, doors and picket fence to decorate the outside of the "Lalaloopsy House".  I attached them using modge podge, and then a clear spray paint over top of everything when the modge podge had dried.
  9. On the inside, I used scrapbook paper to make wallpaper and carpet and rugs.  I also used modge podge, and then once dry, I sprayed everything with a clear spraypaint.
  10. Then, I had to go to the store and purchase some of the MANY Laloopsy mini dolls for the dollhouse, and it was perfect because each doll came with her own little accessories that would help in furnishing the house.  I bought about five of the dolls which equaled less than it would have cost me to buy one big doll.  
  11. On Christmas morning, Emma LOVED it.  At her age she couldn't even tell that it was homemade, and she loved all the special touches (including her name on the inside of the house along the top of the roof. 

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