Wednesday, October 17, 2012

An Ode to Spray Paint

By Melody
Here is another ode to spray paint -- oh how I love you so!!

On my patio, did a dull black wrought iron table set.
It looked like it had lost a terrible bet...
I called for my metallic black spray paint right away.
Spray Paint, please rescue this table from dismay.

I sprayed and sprayed in every crevice and crook,
By the time I was done, I sure loved the new look!
And, then there sat Wrought's pal, Picnic, all tattered and lame.
He looked hungover from watching last night's game. 

He needed a pep talk to make him again bright.
So, he could sparkle and shine from day until night!
I sprayed on a base coat, and enjoyed the first sight.
Until, I noticed my yellow lab, who was now painted half white!
Ms. Brinkman looked at me with a woeful eye, 
She said I'm tired of this heat ruining my shine.
I took out some black spray paint which was really quite handy.
She was again a smokin' hot mama and lookin' quite dandy!

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