Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fun with Duct Tape

The recent trend these days seems to be duct tape.  I'm seeing it in many stores in all kinds of colors and designs.  I was puzzled and wondered why people would want such pretty duct tape to fix things that they just weren't sure how to fix (at least that's what I use duct tape for).  Puzzled, yet intrigued, I googled and found that people are making all kind of projects with duct tape.  I didn't see anything that really peeked my interest, but did come up with a great idea of my own.  My father-in-law had some extra chairs that he gave us, and we placed them in the rec room.  I decided to make these chairs part of our poker table.  I was going to paint them red and yellow to match the motif, but decided that painting the seat slabs could get messy and FRUSTRATING!  So, I just painted the chair back red and yellow.  Then, I used strips of duct tape for the seat slabs.
Looky here -- they turned out so pretty.  And, I probably saved so much time doing it this way, as opposed to painting them. Plus, my lines would have NEVER looked this straight if I had actually painted them. 
My next victim was the pool table.  Hubby and I had purchased this pool table from a craigslist ad a few years ago.  It was in rough shape, but it was cheap, and we knew we could make it work.  Well, we did make it work, but the boards had some water damage, and were a little warped.  In order to divert your eyes from those unique features, I decided to paint the base white.  After painting it and touching it up very many times due to two little kiddos and a dog running around while doing the job (I should have duct taped them to the wall -- I kid, I kid)....I applied the red and yellow duct tape as a border to the pool table.  I ended up with this (and two kids and a dog with white paint on them)...
Recently, I've placed an Iowa State decal on the base leg and it really just makes the table look fancier than it really is.  I was pretty proud of this project!  With a little paint and some trusty duct tape, we had ourselves a whole new pool table!  Awesome!!  A game of pool anyone?

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