Friday, October 19, 2012

Fun with cricut

Fun with the cricut

Review by Lyndee:
Melody bought a cricut.  If you’ve never heard of these machines like myself, you will be amazed when you start playing with it.  Holy crap is it fun! Being the awesome partner that she is, she suggested I take it home with me last night to play with it since she will be busy all weekend.  Arm twisted and cricut drove to Indianola with me.  Oh boy did we have some fun! It sucked me in for hours and I think I came up with some cute stuff for my first try.  I started the records for the kids that they will decorate this weekend so, sorry, but you don’t get to see those yet.  I decided to print out our last name on some scrapbook paper and play with canvas.  The paper I chose was kind of light but I loved the font.  

So I adhered it to the canvas, along with a family picture with Mama Linda, and then outlined the letters with a sharpie so you could see it better.  It started as a shadow outline but ended up doing all the letters instead of bits and pieces because, let's face it, I never know when to stop. I mod podged that onto the canvas.  Not too bad.  

Then I took the remainder of the paper that had Hugen cut out of it and thought I better do something with that too.  God forbid I waste anything.  I took a large kitchen tile and trimmed down a cool piece of scrapbook paper that looks like old blue cracked paint on wood.  I used spray adhesive to stick it to the tile and then put on the stencil of our name.  

I mod podged this down and if I had a mantle, this would be proudly displayed.  I don’t have said mantle so it will just be propped on the coffee table or a shelf for now but some day I’m going to have the most rocking mantle ever! 

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  1. I knew you would love this little machine of wonderful!!! Have fun this weekend!!! I can't wait to see your creations and the record project!!