Monday, October 29, 2012

Terrariums -- Bringing the Outside In

At the beginning of the summer I had some herbs that I had planted, and enjoyed cooking with them.  The weather soon went dry, and maintaining those plants went downhill, and they soon dried up and died. 

In middle school, I remember making a terrarium and thinking it was the coolest thing.  I combined the two ideas, and decided to make a herb plant terranium. 

This is what you'll need:
  • A fun glass/clear container with a large enough opening for you to place your plants (or herbs in my case).
  • Stones, pebbles, or decorative glass gems
  • Crushed charcoal (if you're terrarium will be enclosed).  I took some charcoal that we use for grilling, and I took a hammer to it on the sidewalk,and gently hammered it and then swept it into a dust pan.
  • Spanish Moss (for drainage)
  • Soil (I used some from my flower bed).
  • Plants (or seed)

And, here's what you'll do:
  1. First, layer your rocks/pebbles about one inch thick.
  2. Add a think layer of crused charcoal.  If you're terrarium is enclosed (with lid), the charcoal will keep the soil fresh.
  3. Next layer a thin layer of spanish moss for drainage of the water, so that your soil doesn't gradually seep down through your rock. 
  4. Add your soil (about another inch or more)
5.  Place your plants meticulously in your soil, or spread your seeds.  Do not overplant.  Some use empty spaces for unique little statues and nick-nacks to decoate their "landscaping".  I kept things pretty simple. 

And, here's how you'll maintain your terrarium:
  1. If enclosed, you're rarely (if ever) have to water your plants.
  2. If open, water 1-2 times per week.  The soil should always remain barely moist, never bone dry. 
  3. I have read that indirect sunlight works best.  I'm trying both.  Indirect sunlight for the begonias (open terrarium), and direct sunlight for the herbs/seeds (enclosed terrarium).
With the cold weather upon us, I'm hoping these terrariums thrive.  I will keep you all posted on whether or not these are successful, both the enclosed and open terrariums. 

I created some flower terrariums for our bedroom window.

I made some labels for my herbs, and set them on the kitchen table next to the window with the some great southern exposure sunlight.

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