Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Food Challenge Update

By Rachael:
3 weeks to go & I still have $75.17 left for groceries!  My first shopping trip, which was for purposes of stocking up, cost me a total of $107.78. On the 5th of this month I had to purchase 2 gallons of milk & a gallon of Orange Juice.Yes we go through a lot of milk in our house! We have drinkers of skim & of 2% so I have to purchase both kinds. This trip cost me $9.48.

Last night I was out of milk again! And I also needed butter as I have been baking a lot and used all of mine up.  So with another trip I purchased one gallon of milk & 2 pounds of butter.  Costing a total of $7.57.

I have found that the trick to not over spending when I only need a few items is to shop at Kwik Star.
It is much easier to get in & out of there without making other purchases, for me anyway.  If I go into a real grocery store, I am tempted to make impulse buys. 

After these purchases I still have a balance of $75.17 to spend for the rest of the month. Which would equal out to $25/week.  I can do this!!!

Also, just so you don't think we are eating peanut butter sandwiches every night (which we haven't had at all... hmmm.. that could be a meal, right?! (haha) I have listed a few things we have had to eat since our challenge:

Homemade Banana Bread
Chicken Fettuccini Alfredo & 5 cheese garlic toast 
Fudge swirl cake 
Homemade chocolate chip cookies 
Pork Roast 
Maid Rites

I think we are doing just fine eating good food for a fraction of the cost.... it just takes some planning ahead!

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