Thursday, October 4, 2012

The grocery challenge!

Review by Rachael:

Recently I sat down to try & find ways we can save money around our house. I reviewed the budget and the one big item was eating out. We have to cut back on that! It is so expensive and usually not healthy for us at all. This also got me thinking about our grocery bill. Our weekly budget is $75 for groceries for a family of four. (Family of six every other weekend).

I realized we always have food in the cupboards & meat in the freezer but yet complain that we have nothing to eat and that leads me to takeout or the grocery store in search of dinner. Why not eat what we already have?!

I have given myself the $200 grocery challenge! I will not allow myself to spend more than $200 this month on our groceries.

I sat down with two pieces of paper. One was for a grocery list and one was a list of what we can make for meals. Many times I was only missing one or two ingredients from a recipe, so that item went on the grocery list and I listed that meal on my meal planning sheet. Turns out with buying a few items and what we already have I can make us 16 meals! And good, hearty meals! Chili, spaghetti, roast, homemade soups, etc.

I took my list to Fareway last night and spent $107. It was hard for me to allow myself to spend that much at one time, but I was stocking up and it needed to be done. The only items I HAVE to have the rest of the month will be bread, milk and fresh produce. I have $93.00 left to make that work.

I will keep you posted with updates on my spending each week. Wish me luck!!!

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