Wednesday, October 17, 2012

More Fun Things To Hang on the Wall

By Melody
I decided to make a "Go Cyclones" motif for the wall in the rec room/man cave.  This was a fairly easy project.  Next time instead of using printed fabric, I would use a solid color, but that was my only downfall on this project.

First, I cut up some foam board from the packing in the box from the new televison that hubby purchased for the room.  I cut them into various square sizes.

Second, I gathered my fabric, scissors, and stapler.
I cut the pieces of fabric to match each foam board, and stapled it to the board.
The ends I folded up like gift-wrapping a present, and stapled them into place.
Once complete, I had various sized squares.  I laid them out according to how I'd like to display the letters.  
I cut out letters and modge-podged them to the fabric.  Then, I added a pop can tab to the back of each board for hanging (via hot glue gun).  I bought those 3M stick-to-the-wall hangy-thingies to stick to the wall.  Then hung each foam board.
For the letters, I used scrapbook paper.  Next time, I think I'll use a solid back ground because the letters are hard to read because the designed fabric matches the color of the letters.  Or, next time I'd use black or white letters for contrast.  

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