Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Give Accent Furniture Some Character

By Melody
After having fun with the door project, I decided to try the same effect on some of the furniture I painted for hubby's rec room.  Let's begin with Specimen A.  This used to be a dark brown, wooden cabinet.  It was the bottom part of a hutch, until the top part busted to pieces.  We were left with the bottom, which worked well for storage out in the shed.  I decided to paint it ISU Cyclone colors...this took forever.  Lots of painting, and waiting to dry, and painting again. Since it took so much time to paint, I was a bit leery about altering my paint job.
But, I decided to give it a try...and I began by taking my trusty sanding block and roughing up the cabinet.  I focused mostly on the framing borders and grooves so that my stain wax could get into them and create some character.  After my sanding job, this is what I had...
This scared me -- what had I done to my nice paint job -- was I crazy?  Not answering that question, I proceeded to apply the wax stain.  To me, it seemed like the cabinet was becoming uglier and uglier.  What did I do?
But, as I wiped the stain away, I was noticing it did look a little more worn and now works well in the hubby's "man cave".  
I did the same effect to an old twin bed's headboard to use for a place to set drinks while sitting on the couch.  This didn't turn out too fantastic, but it now matches the cabinet.  I think I was getting sick of the process and didn't take the time that was needed.
Want to try this project?  What I used was a kit from Menard's: Rust-Oleum American Accents: Distressed Kit -- Ivory:  It was very simple to use -- the directions were great for a beginner/first-timer at this project.  It contained the base coat, the wax stain, the paint brush, and a sanding block.  I bought a sanding block, medium coarse, which worked much better for my large project.  If you want to forgo the kit, you could use any wood stain, and you should have a similar result, but don't take my word on that.    

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