Monday, October 1, 2012

Tin can lanterns

Review by Rachael:
I found this empty, clean paint can and thought it would be a great to try to make a lantern.

We got a screwdriver, hammer and the can. We decided what design we wanted on the can and taped it on. 

In my head all we would have to do is to hit the screwdriver and the tin would split and give us the design. Not so much! It didn't work at all. The can dented and it took a lot effort to make a hole.  This is not a kid friendly project.  They did have fun hitting the can with a hammer until they broke it. I only allowed this since they were getting bored with the fail of the project. They seemed to have fun just hitting it...  

After my attempt failed I found this online, which is what we were trying to accomplish. Freezing them does make sense!! We may try this again in the near future.

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