Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Maia’s box lids decorations

I decided to make a project for Maia while she was at drivers ed last night.  I took three shoebox lids, some chalkboard paint, bought two 97 cent scrap blocks of fabric at Wal-Mart and went to town. 

The first lid I sprayed with chalkboard paint. 

She loves to doodle so I thought this would be good on her wall.   The second box I covered with black and white fabric. I wasn’t sure how to make this stay.  Staples? Tacky glue?  Hot glue gun? I did what any normal person would do and posted on Facebook to ask my friends what they would recommend.  Meanwhile, I tried the first box with tacky glue since that was easily accessible in my craft box.  This worked but it was kind of a pain in the box top, if you know what I mean.  After I glued the edges underneath I used clothes pins to help it stay in place while drying.  I received a few Facebook suggestions for spray adhesive and figured it couldn’t be any worse than the tacky glue.  It did, in fact, work like a dream! So easy! I should’ve ironed the pink fabric to get the crease out but I figure it may work itself out over time.  Other than that, I’m counting it as a success since it cost $2, took me under an hour and it looks pretty sweet on the wall in her room.  Score.

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