Saturday, October 6, 2012

Make Your Front Door Say "Happy Fall!"

By Melody
This is a front door decoration I can use all the way up through Thansgiving...that is, if the snow stays away for that long.  The only items purchased were the mums, and you can find great deals on those this time of year!

This basket of ghourds is from the kids' field trip to the apple orchard.  Due to the drought, the kids ended up bringing home gourds instead of apples.  We painted them up with some acrylic paints and sparkles and piled them in one of the buckets that accompanied one of the mums I purchased.  The greenery I had laying around the house.  

 I had the next basket laying around the garage outside.  It was a dull, gray color; and I spray painted it black.  I removed the mum from the above bucket and placed them in this basket.  I gathered some cornstocks from the cornfield adjacent to our home after it had been combined.  I spray painted some sticks laying around the yard, and stuck them in the flower pot.  I copied a "Welcome Friends" print I found on the Internet, and traced it onto the pumpkin.  I modge-podge some paper flowers, and added some glitter -- and there you have it! 

Be creative!  Find what you have lieing around your place, and with a little paint and materials, you could create quite the Fall decor to welcome friends and family to your home!

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